Double A

Walkin The Walk Vol 3

Best Kept Entertainment

Walkin The Walk III features music from B.K.E. members Kaliber, Double A, C-Sharp, & Chubbs Sinatra! It also contains guest appearances by Ca$his, The Chise, Ron G, Fedi, Kali Raps, Kevin Parx, Matt Allenn, and Rookie Cartrite! Production credits include Double A, Rikanatti, Mr Kooman, Wizzo, Swa, and More!

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Tunnel Vision


℗ 2014 Best Kept Entertainment

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The Orange County Hip Hop crew consisting of Kaliber, Double A, C-Sharp, and Chubbs Sinatra, have released their sophomore effort appropriately titled "Tunnel Vision". The 12 song LP ventures into territories slightly different than that of their debut EP "Cold County". This time around the OC natives are out to display their lyrical prowess, hard hitting production, and club knocking sound.

With a very focused and determined mind-state, BKE is out to prove that they are a hip hop force to be reckoned with. Unlike their debut EP which featured only two guest producers, "Tunnel Vision" features a variety of OC Hip Hop producers such as platinum selling producer Rikanatti, Rookie Cartrite, Brix, Traksmith, and BKE's own Double A. They've also enlisted the help of artists such as Antdogg of The Chise, Tatt D, Juan Rios, Tee Haze, Cell, J Riggs, Abstrakt Q, and Unkle Benz.

No matter what kind of Hip Hop sound you are into, BKE's "Tunnel Vision" delivers. With its wide variety of artists and producers, they have created a sound that is sure to not disappoint!

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